Car Controls Use
Car Adaptation Assessment

Sometimes adaptations are required to the car controls to accommodate a driver’s physical limitations. This assessment checks your physical ability and if adaptations are necessary, enables you to try driving with likely solutions. Advice on car choice, personal access solutions and seating are included as required. The assessment also covers loading mobility equipment e.g. a wheelchair into the car if necessary. It does not advise on your overall driving competence or traffic management skills.

What will the assessment involve?

  • Physical check up (fully clothed) to assess strength, range, coordination, sensation and position sense.
  • Reaction time check.
  • Number plate test
  • Practical in-car drive at a level to suit your experience and situation, with adaptations if needed and during which we will address as required:
    • Access for you and any mobility equipment you may need to take with you in the car.
    • Seating and support while driving.
    • Ability to make effective all round observations.
    • Ability to use standard car controls in the usual way or whether a change of technique or controls adaptations are required.

We recommend that you do not make any investment in purchasing a car prior to your assessment as the findings may influence vehicle choice.

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