Driving Ability
Driving Ability Assessment

Some conditions disturb thinking skills or the way the environment is perceived and careful pre-drive assessment is necessary to ensure that it is safe to consider driving. This assessment allows you to explore your visual, cognitive and physical ability and if appropriate, to try driving. Every effort will be made to assist you with any difficulty. The assessment concludes with advice appropriate to your circumstances i.e. whether it is safe to continue driving / begin learning to drive / return to driving at this stage of your recovery.

A Driving Ability assessment is also useful for any driver requiring a check up before a licence renewal.

What will the assessment involve?

  • Physical check up (fully clothed) to assess strength, range, coordination, sensation and position sense.
  • Reaction time check.
  • Full visual screening
  • Number plate test
  • Evidence - based driver cognitive screen
  • Practical in-car drive at a level to suit your experience and situation, with adaptations if needed
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For more information refer to ‘Driving Assessment information sheet’

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