Your Driving Assessment

Please read the ‘Car Adaptation’ or 'Driving Ability’ pages and select the assessment most suited to your needs. If you are unsure which is right for you, please contact us. This page contains extracts from our information sheet which is available to answer the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us for the full version, or download from the link at the bottom of this page.

Is the drive like a standard driving test?

No. We assess whether your medical condition is affecting your driving ability and if so, assist you to compensate if at all possible. A special performance or Highway Code knowledge is not required.

What is the drive like and can I drive my own car?

You will start in a quiet area and the approach is positive and supportive. Once you have familiarised, we just need to see you drive normally. For insurance and safety reasons, dual controls must be available and our assessment car must be used.

What happens at the end?

We discuss the outcome and recommendations straight away.
You will be sent a formal report suitable for driving examiners, the licensing authority, healthcare professionals or insurers.

We strongly recommend that you do not make any investment in purchasing a car prior to your assessment as the findings may influence vehicle choice.

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